//Construction Death and Injury in Texas
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Texas Construction Death and Injury

Death and Injury Happening on Negligently Dangerous Texas Construction Sites

We all know everything in our Lone Star State is big and growing. New and renovated construction sites are everywhere.

But with this construction growth follows injury, pain, suffering and too frequently … death.

Texas leads the nation in construction-related deaths, with on average one worker killed every three days. In the first four months of this year alone, OSHA reports more than 70 Texas workers died from construction injury.

On top of these tragedies, many thousands more suffer from serious injury.

Fallen, dropped, crushed, pinned, slammed, cut, electrocuted, contaminated and more are all part of the hazardous risk our Texas construction workers face each day.

Construction work in Texas may easily be one of the most dangerous ways you can earn a living.

It’s not only a living punishing with danger, it’s also a living often plagued by low wages, dishonesty and negligence.

Are you suffering from a construction related injury? If so, let us help you.

Because of your injury the law allows for those who’ve injured you to be held liable.

When this happens you may deserve very significant compensation.

But since you’re not an experienced construction injury attorney, the actions you take on your own may significantly damage the value of your case.

We’re standing by to help you prevent these mistakes.

We’re here to get for you maximum compensation. Every dime you justly deserve.

To do this we must pledge vast resources, knowledge, and experience.  Importantly, we must dedicate ourselves with an unwavering desire for your victory.

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