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Are you dealing with a serious motorcycle accident injury? If so, you may deserve maximum compensation. Our attorneys are here to help you get it.

If you’re suffering with a wrongfully caused motorcycle injury, then you deserve to know the maximum compensation you may deserve and how quickly you can get it?

Our motorcycle accident attorneys are experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated, and have the resources needed to help you.

We fully understand how dangerous Texas highways are and how serious motorcycle accidents happen.  Compared to car accidents, the facts show Texas motorcycle accidents are 5 times more likely to be fatal.

But at this point, speaking with you about motorcycle accident danger is meaningless.

What matters now is helping you get the maximum financial award you deserve. If you’re like most, you critically need these funds for your recovery and security.

We’ve designed this message with this in mind.

So let’s get started.

The good truth is Texas motorcycle operating and accident laws are designed to protect you.

In Texas when a motorcycle accident injury is caused by the recklessness or negligence of others you may deserve maximum compensation. The amount of this compensation is dependent on many variables.

Similar to the laws governing car accidents, primary among these variables is the seriousness of your injuries.

We explain much more on compensation for serious injuries in a minute…

… but first, here’s a question everyone needing a lawyer asks – usually subconsciously – but which few attorneys bother to deal with effectively in their messages.

“Why should I choose you?”

This is without doubt a question you deserve a full and complete answer to.

As you seek maximum compensation, your choice of attorneys is one of the most critical decisions still under your control.

Because of this we’ve invested the time to write down all of the reasons for you to choose us.

Just use this “Why Choose Us” link to see these reasons.

You’ll discover the ways we are uniquely different from so many other law firms.

And more, you’ll quickly see why these compelling reasons for choosing us are so predictably beneficial for you.

After your accident, an investigation needs to happen to determine who is liable.

The insurance companies involved will begin this investigation immediately, and you should too. Assuming you choose us to represent you this investigation will be at the top of our priority list.

The facts and evidence uncovered in this investigation should help confirm the parties who may be liable for recklessness or negligence.

But, you need to know, proving fault in a motorcycle accident is sometimes more difficult because of a potential bias against bikers.

The most important thing to know is that this bias is unfair and has no basis in law.

This is one more reason you need to choose your attorneys wisely. We are experienced motorcycle accident injury attorneys and we will work tirelessly to ensure your rights are protected.

With us this is true regardless if you are injured in a car, truck, motorcycle or any other type of accident.

Once the facts indicate others are to blame for your injuries then energy can be focused on the amount of compensation you may deserve.

This amount is dependent on many variables, but as stated earlier the seriousness of your injuries is primary.

The bottom line is when you’ve been seriously and wrongfully hurt you may deserve a very significant damage award.

Use this link to see how an estimated maximum damage award for your motorcycle injuries may be calculated.

If a fatal accident has happened, then a wrongful death action may be most appropriate. In this case the family of the deceased victim may also deserve a very substantial compensation award.

Use this link to learn more about “wrongful death litigation” and how it may apply to your family.

But before leaving this section, let us once again offer counsel on the importance for you to choose a trusted, attorney to help you.

Please don’t delay. Contact us now.

Delay may significantly damage the value of your case. Please don’t let this happen.

Call us now—409-444-2020

We will work to get for you the highest compensation possible for the motorcycle accident injuries you and your family are now living with.

To do this we must pledge vast finances, knowledge, and experience.  And more, we must dedicate ourselves with enthusiasm to your victory.

If it’s not convenient to speak now, then take a few easy seconds to fill-in our quick contact form.

We’ll be back in touch quickly, and if you like we’ll set a convenient time to answer all your questions during whatever time is best for you.

And always remember, when contacting us you are not obliged to do anything.

You risk nothing, all your initial consultations are 100% free.