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Mike Ramsey

Mike is the founder and managing partner of Ramsey Law.

His decades of success in zealously representing his clients through settlement negotiations and, when necessary, litigation, is unmatched.

In his battle to protect individual rights, Mike’s taken on the largest corporations and insurance companies and has prevailed time and time again.

Now, with extraordinary professional and ethical standards, Mike is here to help you.

Call in today. Let’s get this started and resolved.

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Katherine Ramsey

Katherine is a gifted attorney with an exceptional talent for detail.

She skillfully uses this gift, taking lead responsibility for the discovery and motion aspects of the practice.

Being integrally involved in preparing cases for trial, she makes sure no point of fact or evidence is overlooked.

Always highly-motivated and result-oriented, Katherine focuses tirelessly on every client’s specific needs.

You can count on her for outstanding representation and solutions.

Give her a call today.  We promise you’ll be glad to have her on your side.

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Randy Cashiola Placeholder

Randy’s broad experience representing both defendants and plaintiffs gives him a unique understanding into the motivation of his clients’ opponents.

Acting as lead trial counsel, Randy has consistently obtained favorable jury verdicts in a wide variety of insurance disputes, personal injury litigation, and commercial matters.

He’s a dedicated, compassionate attorney.

He focuses on getting maximum results for every client he represents.

This will be his focus for you too.

Give him a call today. He’ll listen carefully to you.

And he’ll map out an easy to see plan, to successfully resolve your legal problems.

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Rebecca Morgan

Rebecca is likely the first person you’ll be talking to when you contact us.

We promise you’ll immediately feel at ease with her friendly and outgoing personality!

Go here to see more about Rebecca and her role with Ramsey Law.