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Is your injury, insurance claim, or business dispute going terribly wrong? If so, you deserve our attorneys helping you NOW.

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Something happened to you …

Whatever it was – big or small – you deserve to tell an experienced legal professional about it.

Someone who can explain from our combined 60 years of courtroom experience:

  • Where you stand

  • What your case could be worth

  • If it’s worth pursuing

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Mike Ramsey, Founder Ramsey Law

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 If you don’t win, you don’t pay

You risk absolutely nothing.

But, as you probably know, everyone offers no win, no fee.

So why should you trust us?

Well my name is Mike Ramsey.

I have over 35 years trial experience, in senior roles, with two of the most successful personal injury firms in Texas.

Over the past 3 decades, I have helped recover BILLIONS in damages for the clients we served.

You may remember the biggest courtroom settlement in U.S. history resulted in a historic civil litigation settlement against the tobacco industry of $15.3 billion, plus an additional $3.3 billion for legal costs.

During this historic time, I was an equity partner at Provost Umphrey and I was part of the team involved in making this happen.

Then, for over 9 years, I served Of Counsel heading up the Beaumont division of a respected local law firm. We handled thousands of cases for victims of Hurricanes Ike and Rita. 

On these claims, the average client settlement was tens of thousands more than originally offered by the insurance company involved. We aggressively helped each client get all they deserved.

So, I know how to fight, and I’m dedicated in getting the maximum compensation deserved for the clients we serve.

And I’ve seen enough cases to easily, quickly, and accurately help you.

But, to be frank, there’s far more to it than impressing you with big numbers.

Because every claim is unique. Yours could be worth millions or a few thousand

– it doesn’t matter.

You’ve been made to feel powerless – victimized, cheated and abused.

Your trust or personal rights may have been stepped on. Your life has been disrupted through no fault of your own.

To us you’re a human being, not just a claim or a case against someone who caused you and your family harm.

You deserve a lawyer who’s willing to fight aggressively – whatever the payment at the end. Who sees more than just dollar signs when helping you.

And that’s why, I promise a qualified member of our team on the phone with you, listening to your needs, within the next business day of you calling us.

We have offices in Houston and Beaumont, and can effectively handle cases in:

  • Personal injury litigation
  • Insurance claim litigation
  • Business litigation
This consultation costs nothing. So please act now.

Sad as it sounds, insurance companies and corporations want you to delay.

They are hell-bent on keeping their payouts low.

Meanwhile, sitting on your case degrades its value. As time passes, there are fewer legal options available to you. The value of your claim may be reduced.

So – please – let’s start work now.

Let’s get every cent you’re owed, as quick as possible.

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