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What’s the Value of My Personal Injury Case?

Here you’ll learn all about the special formulas and multipliers used by insurance companies to calculate the value of a case.

Do you want to know the value of your personal injury case? Do you need to know now?

If so, we can help you.

In this message we share with you typical methods your insurance company may use to determine the potential value of your case.

Then we show you a few of the wisest moves you can make to protect this value and your legal right to collect it.

To make all of this guidance easy to follow and understand we’ve created the following short series of questions and answers.

As you move through these Q&A’s you’ll gain a valuable understanding of the legal concepts some lawyers use to calculate approximate case values.

But as you gain this knowledge, please keep in mind this is just “mile high” overview that must be properly evaluated by an experienced lawyer.

To get a more realistic estimation on the value of your case, you’ll need the facts and evidence properly evaluated by experienced legal counsel.

And even then please remember, the insurance attorneys on the other side are working against you! They are likely doing everything within their power to dramatically lower the amount of compensation you deserve.

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During our free consultations with you, one of the questions you are likely to ask is, “Why and How Much Compensation Do I Deserve?” Here’s a quick version of our answer to this question:

When the negligent acts of another have caused you harm you have the legal right to file a civil claim to demand to be “made whole” in the form of fair compensation for your losses.

During this process you as the injured party are known as the “plaintiff”, and the various parties who can be held liable for your harm are known as “defendants”.

This civil action is the legal way of quantifying your losses into a monetary award for damages.

Generally, the calculation of damages is divided into two categories, one for compensatory or economic damage, and the other for non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering.
Compensatory damages are further broken down into the following two groups:
  1. A Economic Losses group
  2. A Non-Economic Losses group
In this discussion let’s address Economic Damages first:

To calculate a value for the economic damages category we will need to help you accurately estimate various costs and expenses that you have or may occur in the future.

These economic compensation factors include among others:

Medical expenses
Future medical expenses
Property damage
Lost earnings
Future lost income

These damages may be relatively straight forward to quantify.

But compensation for your “Non-Economic Damages” is more difficult to estimate.

These Non-Economic Damages Compensation Factors Include.

Mental anxiety
Loss of consortium or companionship
Other factors negatively impacting your life

Among the facts considered in determining your damages are:

The extent and complexity of your injuries
Amount of past and future medical treatment needed
Are your injuries permanent, or will you fully recover
Are your injuries negatively impacting your life

As you can now easily see, a number of important facts must be considered, documented, alleged and ultimately proven, when necessary to justify the amount of your damages.

And the attorneys representing the defendants in your case are likely to do everything within their power to dramatically lower the amount of compensation you deserve.

Because of this we encourage you to immediately put us on your side to help assure you get maximum compensation for your injuries. Every dime you deserve.

We’re relentless in our mission to get maximum compensation for you.

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Please don’t delay, as any delay may significantly lower the value of your claim.

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