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Unsafe Premises – Common Premises Liability Injuries2018-08-24T14:51:29+00:00

Are you seriously injured because of an unsafe condition on someone’s property?

Was the property owner negligent and aware of the danger causing your injury?

If so, you should know about “premises liability” laws. These laws are designed to help you recover from injury suffered because of unsafe property conditions.

The types of injuries falling under the premises liability umbrella are broad. Just a few of these case examples include:

  • Slip and fall accidents

  • Water related accidents

  • Fire and burn accidents

  • Dangerous maintenance condition accidents

  • Dog Bite and other animal attack injury

  • Toxic fumes and chemical exposure accidents

  • Inadequate Building Security

In essence, premises liability laws recognize your right to expect the properties you enter to be reasonably safe. They require both property owners, and non-owner residents, to maintain a relatively safe environment.

When you’ve been wrongfully injured on someone’s property, you may be able to hold them accountable. And you may deserve very significant compensation for your injuries.

But, please keep in mind, these same laws also protect property owners from being held unreasonably liable for injuries happening on their property.

So, to win your case we must prove negligence. And without all the facts and evidence supporting your case clearly established, the lines can easily blur in this process

To begin, we must show whether your injury was caused by a dangerous defect in the property, or by a dangerous activity on the property.

Then typically, we must show the property was both unreasonably dangerous, and the owner knew, or should have known, about this danger.

Further, we must provide evidence showing the dangerous condition is considered concealed (meaning not open and obvious) and you were not aware of this danger.

From these requirements alone, you can easily see there are multiple complexities to overcome, if you are to successfully gain the maximum compensation you deserve for your loss.

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