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Our story … it’s the story of passionate lawyers deeply rooted in Southeast Texas.

Here over the past three decades, we’ve passionately served thousands of Texans wrongfully hurt by others.  Now we’re standing by ready to help you too.

As we begin to tell you our story let us first say, if you’re wrongfully injured or treated unfairly you deserve an expert legal opinion now.

That’s what we’re here for.  So please call us without delay.

We promise to place you in touch with a member of our team, who will listen to your needs and begin to assist you. We’ll focus on effectively resolving your legal issue, as quickly as possible, and for maximum value.

We’re often asked: “how do we choose the law firm best for us?”

Our answer is always the same, “Know your attorney’s life story, meet your attorney in person, and discover along the way all the reasons why he or she has your best interest at heart”.

It’s deceptively simple advice – but often not that easy to follow.

Many law firms and their attorneys hide their story in a lot of legalese nonsense.

They seem more intent on impressing their colleagues and peers, than getting to truly know and understand the needs of those they’re supposed to be helping.
Well, not us.
And, this is the first very powerful way we’re uniquely different from so many other law firms.

It's Easy to Contact Us - 24/7

Our founder, Mike Ramsey, is a people person. He began his lifelong career of helping people in Beaumont as a police officer. As a policeman Mike found his work provided more than just an income.  It let him see the inside of the legal system from a completely different perspective. It helped him develop his passion for helping those wrongfully injured and treated unfairly. Mike believes in community involvement and has served as Chair of the Lamar University Board of Regents, a Director of Community Bank of Texas, and was elected by his peers in 2001 to serve as President of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association.

Katherine Ramsey, Mike’s daughter, grew up in Beaumont often hearing stories about the positive impact her father had on the lives of those he helped. This is why Katherine became an attorney. She too wanted the life of a passionate, trusted attorney. Her integrity and compassion for helping others is unsurpassed.

Randy Cashiola, serving as the latest member of our legal team, fits the role perfectly of a passionate, trusted lawyer.  Throughout his esteemed career Randy has faithfully represented dozens of individuals, small businesses, major corporations, insurers, governmental entities, school districts, and religious and non-profit organizations. Randy is active in his church, and serves as counsel for the Diocese of Beaumont.

Each member of our legal team prides themselves on being a caring, honest person. A person with the knowledge, experience, and desire to help you through the personal injury, business or property damage issues you face.

Each of us is local and can be easily reached at 409-444-2020.  Or, you can fill in our quick contact form at the top of this page.

Either way, we’re here and ready to speak in confidence with you.  And remember, after you contact us you are not obliged to do anything. All of our initial consultations with you are 100% free.

We know how to fight, and we work tirelessly to win the maximum compensation our clients may deserve. This is another truth we can say about ourselves.

And, we can cite many examples to prove this claim.

Over the past three decades, Mike Ramsey, our founder, has helped recover BILLIONS in damages.

You may remember the historic settlement in Texas history. It happened here. Tobacco firms were forced to pay the state $15.3 billion in damages. Plus $3.3 billion in legal costs.

At the time Mike was an equity partner with Provost Umphrey, and was part of the legal team involved in making this happen.

Then, for over 9 years, Mike served Of Counsel heading up the Beaumont division of a respected local law firm.

During this time the firm resolved thousands of cases for victims of Hurricanes Ike and Rita. And very significantly, the average settlement for each of these victims was tens of thousands more than their insurance companies offered.

And during these same years Randy and his clients also enjoyed many legal victories.

Including the defeat of a wrongful effort to recover over $200 million from the client Randy and his legal team represented.

So, we know how to fight and we’re proud of our many past victories.

But as impressive as these big numbers are, we understand they only indirectly demonstrate our ability to help you.

It’s our passionate focus on you … we hope to speak more with you about.

Because every claim is unique, yours could be worth millions or a few thousand

– it doesn’t matter.

You’ve been made to feel powerless – victimized, cheated and abused.

Your trust or personal rights may have been violated. Your life has been disrupted through no fault of your own.

Now you deserve a lawyer who is willing to fight aggressively, whatever the payment at the end, who sees more than just dollar signs when helping you.
This is the second very powerful way we’re uniquely different from so many other law firms.
And this is why, we will  put you in touch with a team member, who will listen to your needs.

Now all of us in Beaumont are living with the catastrophic devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.

So please, we want you to know, Mike, Katherine, Randy and every other member of our legal team are ready again to help protect our friends, neighbors and fellow Texans against insurance abuse.

As we helped thousands with their Hurricane Rita and Ike problems, we will now help you with your Hurricane Harvey losses.

When we meet with you, we’ll show you all the legal steps we’ll take to make sure your legal rights are protected.

These are the steps you can trust to hold accountable those who’ve hurt you.

Whether your case feels big or small, it matters. And you deserve the best legal advice you can get.

It’s our job to lift this burden from your shoulders.

Please don’t delay.

The longer you wait, the more you may damage the value of your case.

Consultation is free, with no obligation to do anything.

Call us now—409-444-2020

Or, if you prefer, just fill in the easy contact form on this page and we’ll quickly be back in touch with you.

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