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Good News, You Risk Nothing, No Cost Unless We Win2018-08-24T04:33:26+00:00

You risk absolutely nothing. If we don’t win, you don’t pay.

This is very good news for you. Because, when we work for you on a contingent fee basis, it gives you risk free, 100% of the cash flow needed to win.

Insurance companies often use every excuse in the book to delay paying you fairly.

They’re hoping you don’t have an attorney with adequate resources available to fight them.

This is why it’s critical for you to choose a law firm with significant resources.

Resources that pave the road for a resolution as quickly as possible, in the most efficient manner possible, for the greatest recovery.

And just as important as significant financial resources, it’s also critical for you to choose a firm with the desire to go the distance.

During the past 35 years we’ve resolved thousands of cases.

We’ve fought virtually every insurance company in Texas.

They know us.

They know we never quit.

They know we’re motivated to get you maximum compensation.

Every dime you deserve.

Whether your case feels big or small, it matters. And you deserve a legal team with the financial resources to win.

We have these financial resources in place, and you can trust us to use them in our fight to get for you the maximum compensation you deserve.

Please don’t delay.

The longer you wait, the more you may damage the value of your case.

Consultation is free, with no obligation to do anything.

Call us now—409-444-2020

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