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Boating Accident Attorneys

Are you suffering because of a recreational boating accident? Are you living with serious injury or living with the death of a loved one caused by the wrongful acts of another? If so you may deserve compensation for your losses.

Enjoying a day on one of our beautiful Texas waterways is imagined as a carefree day of relaxation and fun. It is why thousands of Texans travel each year to our offshore waters, harbors, marinas, lakes and rivers.

Rarely do we focus on how overcrowded and dangerous Texas waterways can be.  Too frequently, boaters enjoying a day of fun become victims of the reckless and negligent acts of others.

Serious injury and fatalities are common. It’s tragic.

Is this nightmare one you’re living with?

If so, the law may be able to help you during your recovery and help you with your longer-term security.  You may deserve significant compensation for your losses.

But, to get the maximum compensation you deserve, we counsel on the many benefits you gain by having a trusted attorney on your side.

Highly skilled attorneys will navigate you away from mistakes that may seriously damage the value of your case.

After a serious boating injury, an exhaustive investigation must be done to determine the cause. If you choose us to help you, our legal team of boating accident attorneys and other investigating professionals will work in earnest on this investigation.

During our investigation, we will gather the available evidence,  as there may be many different types of accident causes to consider.

Among these are:

  • Alcohol abuse

  • Speeding

  • Inexperience

  • Reckless behavior

  • Distraction

  • Illegal or unsupervised operation

  • Defective equipment

  • Improper maintenance

Your accident may have happened for multiple reasons.  Each different reason will need to be completely investigated.

While the investigation is underway, we will coordinate closely with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the U. S. Coast Guard, as appropriate.

Federal maritime laws and state negligence laws need to be carefully evaluated and action decisions made.

All potential causes require a complete investigation. All supporting evidence must be uncovered, analyzed and preserved.

Ultimately, your case needs to be prepared and presented for settlement, or trial if necessary.

Accomplishing all of these actions requires the dedication, knowledge, experience and financial resources of a trusted legal team.

This is what we offer you.

And significantly more,  please consider …

… We do all of our work for you on a contingency basis. This means you risk absolutely nothing. If we don’t win, you don’t pay. Plus, we typically advance all case costs, thus eliminating the burden for you to pay as you go.

You can use this link to see all the financial benefits we give you in this worry relieving service.

Our team of boating accident attorneys and the many expert professionals we involve are ready to help you now.

We encourage you to contact us today without delay.

Delay may significantly damage the value of your case. Please do not let this happen.

Call us now—409-444-2020

We will work hard to get you the highest compensation possible.

To do this, we must pledge finances, knowledge, and experience.  And more, we must dedicate ourselves with tireless enthusiasm to your victory.

If it’s not convenient to speak now, then take a few easy seconds to fill-in the quick contact form.

We’ll be back in touch quickly, and if you like we’ll set a convenient time to answer all your questions at a time that works best for you.

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You risk nothing. All of our initial consultations with you are 100% free.