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Insurance Claim Delays, Lies & Unfair Acts

Has your insurance company treated you unfairly on your insurance claim? If so, it’s no surprise to us. Our attorneys have helped thousands resolve their insurance claim problems. Most likely we can help you too.

Never forget your insurance company is not in business to pay you fairly, much less maximize the payment you may deserve. Rather insurance companies are in business to make higher profits for their shareholders.

The executives running these companies are often paid multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses depending on these profits. So, it is not difficult to understand why so many insurance companies operate with the attitude of delaying as long as possible and paying out as little as possible.

The strategy works for them because they know only a small percentage of people will stand up and fight against this abuse.

The insurance companies know they can pay-off the 1% to 3% of those who stand-up against the abuse and still be way ahead of the profit curve. All of this is happening while they spend billions branding themselves as your most trusted friend and protector.

Because of this betrayal our counsel to you is straight forward, do not trust your insurance company to evaluate your claim.

Rather have qualified contractors, structural engineers and other expert inspectors search for, find and document all your damage. Especially make sure these experts evaluate and document probable causes of damage. For example, “windstorm damage versus flood damage”.

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When our legal team is helping you we make sure your damage is expertly evaluated and your insurance policy is fully understood.

This is a crucial service we provide to you.

With us on your side we lift the burden from your shoulders of discovering all of your damage and its fair repair value.

And more, we do all of this 100% risk free to you.

We front all the costs to prepare your case to reach a fair settlement with the insurance company or if necessary, to try the case before a jury to obtain the value you truly deserve for your damages.

So the choice is yours … do you trust experts motivated to maximize the value of your claim, getting for you every dime you deserve …

… or do you innocently trust company executives and their hidden practice of delaying as long as possible and paying out as little as possible?

We think a wise choice is to speak with a trusted attorney dedicated to maximizing the value of your claim.

If you think so too, we look forward to discussing with you the specifics of  your case.

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During your free case evaluation we’ll discuss with you all of your options.

But above all, please don’t delay. Because of avoidable mistakes and other causes delay may lower the value of your claim.