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Truck accidents wrongfully kill and injure. Are you suffering because of a serious commercial truck accident?  If so, you may deserve maximum compensation for the devastation you and your family are enduring.

Catastrophic truck accident injuries, fatalities, and all the tremendous pain, suffering and mental anguish that follow happens every day.  If you’re experiencing any of these terrible wrongs, you need the immediate help of a trusted, attorney.

Our truck accident attorneys deeply understand the hurt and pain you and your family are now feeling. So please know we’re here standing by to help you.

But before you decide on us for help, or any other law firm, let us first give you significant baseline information about your accident.  To wisely make all of your next decisions, you’ll need to have this knowledge.

We’ll start by outlining the complex discovery and investigation requirements you face as you seek maximum compensation for your injuries.

Then we’ll give you valuable counsel on early mistakes you must avoid that may dramatically lower the value of your case.

And more, we’ll share with you proven “common sense” steps for choosing the law firm you’ll need to be your most competent and trusted advocate.

Armed with all of this valuable guidance you’ll feel more confident as you make crucial decisions to move positively forward in life.

Here’s one thing absolutely sure to happen immediately following the truck accident that caused your injuries.  The trucking company involved and their insurance company will launch an investigation.

Be clear on this, regardless of how nice they may appear, their investigation is designed to uncover whatever information they feel will ultimately help them limit the maximum compensation you may deserve. We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to have trusted legal help during this investigation.

You’ll need guidance on the most effective and proper way to answer their questions so you maintain maximum protection of your legal rights.

It’s also critical for you to simultaneously conduct your own investigation. All the facts and evidence supporting your case need to be gathered while still available. Your cannot depend on the investigation from the other side to find and document this evidence.

A few areas you need to include in your investigation are:

  • Finding and interviewing eye witnesses.

  • Getting all available photos and film footage.

  • Interviewing all medical, fire and police first responders, and all subsequent providers.

  • Getting and analyzing all police accident reports.

  • Getting and analyzing all the data from the truck’s “black box”.

  • A reconstruction of the accident scene.

  • Consultations with various experts to document all the facts and evidence in support of your case.

Beyond the initial accident investigation, you need to determine all the parties who may be held liable for your injuries. This list of defendants is likely to be greater and more fragmented than you may imagine.

Other than the truck driver, a list of those liable may include companies, 1) owning or leasing the truck, 2) manufacturers of the truck and its components, 3) creators and owners of the cargo, and 4) all brokers and other related middlemen potentially involved.

Next you’ll need to clarify and determine the extent of liability for each of the identified defendants. This is a difficult task, requiring extensive experience, knowledge, legal skill and judgement.

Effectively assigning this liability requires deep investigation of multiple issues. Just a few of these issue are:

  • Manufacturing defects

  • Driving logs and weigh-ins

  • Maintenance records

  • Violations of state and federal trucking laws

  • Company control of the driver

  • Driver’s experience and training

  • Condition of driver at time of accident

  • Criminal violations

  • Driving conditions, hazards and warnings

As you can easily see, to most effectively accomplish all of these investigatory processes is a daunting task.

For this you’ll undoubtedly want the expert services of a trusted attorney on your side.

An attorney with the passion, dedication, experience and resources needed to get maximum compensation for you.

All of these assets are needed. If we represent you, these are assets we offer.

Collectively implemented they let your opposing defendants know they cannot easily out-smart and take advantage of you.

They know we’re tirelessly at work to get maximum compensation for you. They know we’ll not rest until you’ve received every dime you so deserve.

They know we’re working for you on a contingency basis. So, you have no cash flow pressure to settle your case early for less than you deserve.

They know “risk free to you” we’re fronting all the case costs needed to effectively gather the evidence, analyze it, and as needed to fully prepare your case for trial.

They know our vast resources are pledged to help you in all these ways.

These are exceptionally valuable benefits included in the services we provide.

These benefits impair tactics the defendants you face may unleash in hopes you’ll run out of funds, give up, cave-in and settle for far less than you deserve.

These benefits are powerful reasons to contact us now.

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We promise we’ll get back in touch quickly.  At your convenience we’ll invest our time to answer all of your most troubling questions.

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As we begin our services for you we’ll be carefully considering all the various types of causes for your injuries.

Who and what was at fault are crucial questions that must be answered. Were your injuries caused for a singular reason, or were they caused for an interrelated number of reasons?

Among the many causes of negligence we’ll investigate are:

  • Was the truck driver impaired in any way?

  • Was there inadequate driving experience, or training?

  • Were any traffic laws violated?

  • Was the driver improperly supervised, or monitored as required by law?

  • Was the truck overloaded, or equipped improperly?

  • Was the truck properly maintained and in safe working condition?

  • Was the truck load oversized relative to the highway traveled on?

  • Were hazardous driving conditions involved?

As stated above with emphasis.

You should choose a law firm with the passion, dedication, experience and resources needed to get maximum compensation for you.

The attorneys you choose should not only have, but also pledge, all these positive assets to you.

As you choose your law firm, ask yourself:

Are your attorneys local and invested in the community where you live?

Are they recognized positively by their clients, colleagues and peers?

Are they highly rated by the legal organizations respected for evaluating attorney performance?

Are they certified in the areas of law they specialize in?

Are they accessible, easy to reach and set-up to continually advise you on the status and progress of your case?

Are they well known, established and have an impeccable reputation in your community?

Do they have a provable past track record of success, both in negotiated settlement and at trial?

Do they have the vast resources, motivation and desire to stay the course until you get the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries?

When you choose us, these are the qualities and services we pledge to you.

We encourage you to contact us now.  We’re here to answer all important questions facing you.

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