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Have You Been Innocently Hurt By A Defective Product?

Has a product you trusted as safe seriously harmed you?

Unfortunately this is common. Defective products cause thousands of serious injuries every year.

Innocent victims are seriously hurt by a surprising group of commonly trusted products. Among these products are:

  • Vehicle defects

  • Dangerous baby and kid products

  • Contaminated food

  • Defective electronic devices

  • Dangerous drugs

  • Defective medical supplies

  • Toxic chemicals & materials

Children’s toys, mobile phones, air bags, tires, household appliances, baby furniture, lead based paint, asbestos, oil spills, and an endless variety of equipment types are only a few of the many products known to cause serious injury.

But fortunately for everyone, manufacturers and other parties involved are required by law to reasonably warn, educate and protect you from danger and injury on the products they manufacture, distribute and sell.

This is only fair since these entities should have more insight into the injury their products may cause.

Your injuries may have happened because of a design or manufacturing defect. Or was the cause related to a marketing deficiency, such as inadequate instructions, labeling, or safety warnings.

Regardless of the cause of your injury one thing is certain. Product liability cases are complex.

When you move forward with a product liability case the investigation and testimony of legal experts is usually required. There are multiple legal theories you may allege.  On each of these allegations you must be prepared for every possible legal defense.

Our attorneys are exceptionally capable. During the last three decades we’ve successfully resolved significant product liability cases.

As an overwhelming classic example, you may remember the biggest courtroom settlement in U.S. history. It happened right here in Texas. Tobacco firms were forced to pay the state $15.3 billion in damages. Plus $3.3 billion in legal costs.

Our founder, Mike Ramsey, as a then equity partner at Provost Umphrey was deeply involved with this litigation.

If you’ve been seriously injured by a product you believed to be safe, let us passionately fight to get maximum compensation for you.

You can trust the dedication and creativity of our legal team as they work tirelessly to successfully resolve your product liability case.

The severity of your injury may indicate you deserve very significant compensation.

To get maximum compensation requires great legal skill and vast experience. This is what we offer you.

And more … on your behalf we advance significant resources needed to go the distance against major corporations and insurance companies involved, who typically try every trick in the book to avoid responsibility.

This is the reality you face.

And this is why we highly encourage you to contact us now.

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