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Whistleblower Attorney – See how you may share the Government’s reward when you help hold accountable those who are defrauding and hurting all of us.

Is your employer or someone else you know cheating the Government? If so, see why the law is designed to protect and help you when you step forward with the truth.

When you have knowledge of fraud against the federal government, the False Claims Act gives you the power to file a lawsuit on behalf of the United States of America.

As you consider taking this action, here are a few important facts for you to know:

  • During the Civil War, greedy defense contractors began defrauding the Union army. To stop this corruption, President Lincoln encouraged the passing of a new law to reward those who helped find and convict the cheaters. This act, commonly known as the Lincoln Law, formally became law in 1863 as the False Claims Act.

  • Because of this law, each year courageous citizens step-forward with the truth. Their bravery helps the United States recover billions annually.

  • The government protects you as you tell the truth. The lawsuit is filed confidentially, and during the investigation, the Government does not let the accused know who initiated the investigation.

  • Additionally, the law protects you against discrimination or retaliation of any kind. You are entitled to an additional recovery, including a higher award for damages and reinstatement of your previous position, should you experience any negative retaliation.

  • Successful False Claims Act lawsuits typically result in the guilty party being ordered to pay triple the amount defrauded.

  • In these successful lawsuits, if you are the one providing the original information responsible for this claim, you are entitled to 15% to 30% of the Government’s reward.

In summary, the reward to you for courageously telling the truth can be very significant.

The law is on your side and is designed to both reward and protect you.

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Whistleblower lawsuits often involve fraudulent billings.  Any government agency is a target. Over-billings on government Medicare, Medicaid, construction and defense contracts are common.

Regardless of how the government is defrauded those gaining are doing so unfairly and at the expense of all of us.

Each of us ultimately ends up having to pay the cost.

As President Lincoln figured out long ago, those gaining through greed and corruption deserve to be held accountable.

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