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Are you enduring the wrongful death of a loved one?

Do you feel the death in your family was caused by the wrongful act, neglect, or carelessness of another?

If so, you may want to learn more about the various ways the law attempts to help you obtain justice for your loss.

“Wrongful Death” is a civil cause of action against a person or entity for wrongfully causing the death of another.  Since the person harmed is no longer alive, Texas law allows the surviving spouse, children, and parents to file a wrongful death lawsuit seeking to recover monetary damages. These family members may bring this claim singly, or together in one action as a group.

There are many underlying circumstances leading the way for wrongful death litigation. Common causes of wrongful death lawsuits are:

  • Automobile, truck and bicycle accidents

  • Medical malpractice

  • Defective products

  • Work related accidents

Establishing liability in a wrongful death action requires a standard of proof defined as a “preponderance of the evidence”. This is an easier standard to demonstrate when compared to the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard required to establish guilt in a criminal action.

It’s important to note a Texas wrongful death claim is filed independently from criminal charges.

Monetary damages typically included in a wrongful death award are:

  • Loss of earnings

  • Loss of care to surviving family members

  • Emotional anguish, pain, and suffering

  • Lost love, companionship, comfort, and society

  • Lost inheritance

Also, in Texas some wrongful death claims may allow for exemplary “punitive” damages. These damages are awarded to punish a wrongdoer for willful, or grossly negligent behavior.

Regardless of the cause of death, it’s crucial for wrongful death lawsuits to be expertly handled by a trusted, knowledgeable, highly experienced attorney.

If you are the family member enduring the loss of a loved one’s wrongful death, we will be honored to discuss representing you.

We keenly understand, a wrongful death award, regardless of amount, can never adequately compensate you for the loss of your loved one.

It’s our hope however, that a wrongful death award may at least help bring a sense of closure to your loss.

This closure may be helpful as you move forward in recovery.

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