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Admiralty and Maritime Injuries

Are you suffering with an admiralty and maritime injury?

Accidents happening on or near navigable waters classically bring into play the admiralty jurisdiction of the courts, and the national maritime law.

During the past three decades, practicing law in Southeast Texas and near the Gulf of Mexico, we’ve gained extensive knowledge focusing on admiralty and maritime law, including the extension of these laws to other types of claims.

You can trust the members of our legal team to be relentless in leveraging our vast experience and success in resolving whatever negligence and seaworthiness issues you may have.

Serious accidents happen on all types of vessels.

Commercial fishing vessels, crew, and supply boats, cargo ships and barges, jack-up rigs, jet-skis, and pleasure boats. The list goes on and on.

Many of these are covered under admiralty and maritime law.

Our ports see thousands of vessels and hundreds of millions of cargo tons each year. Many serious injuries and deaths happen in these dangerous work environments.

If you’ve been seriously injured in a maritime accident it’s critical for us to conduct an early and thorough investigation of all of the facts and evidence surrounding your injury and the laws applicable to your claim.

Is your claim covered by the Jones Act, DOHSA, LHWCA, the OCSLA, or by the general maritime common law?

Each of these laws may have a significant impact on the remedies available to you because of your maritime injury.

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Maritime and admiralty laws are packed with deep complexities.

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