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Business Attorneys Focused On Taking Legal Burdens Away2018-08-24T15:04:58+00:00

Our highly skilled business attorneys focus on lifting your legal burdens from you.

Are you dealing with a business dispute that is causing stress and frustration and hurting your profits? If so, we encourage you to invest a few minutes considering the many benefits our dispute resolution team offers.

Problems happen.  Unexpected legal issues inevitably surface.  When they do, our business attorneys are here to help you.

No matter how big or small your company is, you must guard against an endless number of legal problems.

Are you an executive with a major corporation dealing with a troublesome litigation issue? Or are you a partner in a professional firm facing dissolution and worrisome equitable options. Or, perhaps you are the owner of a small entrepreneurial company flung into a breach of contract, discrimination, harassment, or fraud claim.

Regardless of your position, or the legal problem, these two common truths most likely apply to you:

  1. Your legal problem is disruptive, stressful and profit draining.
  2. You need this problem resolved, quickly and affordably.

Usually the fastest, lowest cost, and most effective way to resolve business disputes is to retain a trusted legal team for your side.

This is who we are, and we are standing by and ready to help you.

We encourage you to choose our business resolution services for effectively resolving your current legal difficulties.

Among the many business issues our team focuses in resolving are:

  • Fraud

  • Breach of contract

  • Business breakup & dissolution

  • Breaches of fiduciary duty

  • Shareholder rights & disagreements

  • Securities claims

  • Trade secret, copyright & trademark protection

  • Professional malpractice claims

  • Labor and employment matters

  • Discrimination or harassment claims

  • Deceptive trade practice claims

  • Real estate disputes, foreclosures, lease issues

  • Construction issues & mechanics’ liens

  • Commercial Insurance claims & disputes

  • Environmental disputes

Over the past 3 decades the business attorneys leading our firm have successfully resolved exceedingly complex legal disputes.

For example our firm’s founder Mike Ramsey, while heading up the Beaumont division of a respected local law firm, led a highly skilled team of hurricane damage insurance lawyers as they successfully settled thousands of Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Rita insurance cases.

We fought creatively and aggressively to get each client every dime they deserved.

These cases included significant business commercial cases with many complex litigation issues to overcome.

All of this litigation resulted in many millions of settlement dollars above the amounts originally declared as due by the insurance companies involved.

Another example is the $98.8 million verdict obtained in 2006 by our Of Counsel attorney Randy Cashiola. This award involved a commercial lawsuit regarding tortious interference with existing and prospective contracts and business disparagement.

A more recent example centers on legal services provided by Randy and his legal team as they successfully defeated a wrongful effort to recover over $200 million.

But as impressive as these big numbers are, we understand they only indirectly demonstrate our ability to help you.

It is our passionate focus on you … and we hope to speak more with you about this.

Because every claim is unique, your claim could be worth millions, or a few thousand

– it doesn’t matter.

Your business is being disrupted and your profits are being hurt because of legal problems you are now forced to focus on.

You deserve a trusted team of business attorneys willing to fight aggressively to resolve this disruption.

Let us help lift these burdens from you, so you can return your focus to a profitable offense.

Please call us today—409-444-2020

Or, if better for you, just fill-in our quick contact form. We will contact you to schedule the most convenient time for you to discuss your legal problems.

And please keep in mind, after contacting us you are not obliged to do anything.

All of our initial consultations with you are 100% free.